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Barcelona, Spain
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Become a part of the ever changing and vibrant Barcelona! Meet the people who are a driving force working to improve the city in so many ways. Become a part of this experience which has been designed to inspire, you’ll meet professionals from many walks of life who are unfolding positive change. On this 'changemakers experience in Barcelona' you’ll be guided through two creative neighbourhoods and you’ll get to see and support ‘social’ ‘green’ and ‘community involving’ projects and the people behind them that are making a difference. These initiatives have become part of the vital rhythm of Barcelona. Join the changemakers!
Impact of this experience
In Authenticitys we work with six levels of impact: Health, Education, Employability, Environment, Equality, and Passion-Happiness. This tour is designed so you can experience a bit of each as you get to know the city better.
Help these changemakers 'make' Barcelona better!
The aim of this experience is to transform you from a traveler help you become part of the city and help leave a positive social impact.
This experience will inspire you and allow you to connect with people and places that focus on purpose.
Thanks to this experience it has been possible to achieve:
Connect people through this experience
Promote local economy initiatives
Support ideas that make the world better
Discover beauty
Help create a more sustainable future
Share empowering stories
• Time: 1.5h

• Guide: Private guide part of Authenticitys founding team

• Languages: English, Spanish

• Frequency: Everyday with appointment

• Good for: Adults, families, groups and professionals. Creatives, changemakers!

• Participants: 1-20

A social entrepreneur is someone who’s taking creative action to solve a social problem. They’re the doers, the makers, the problem-solving, activists of our modern society, and they are all around you. Yes, they’re lurking in creative hubs and forward thinking spots in Barcelona.

On this experience we will take you through two of the city’s more diverse and creative areas: Barri La Ribera and the Borne and visit 4 different businesses run by amazing social entrepreneurs. These neighborhoods have undergone many changes in the past years, and they’ve also become home to some of the most interesting projects in the country.

Changemaker is a term coined by the social entrepreneurship organisation, Ashoka, meaning one who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen. According to Ashoka, the largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide, “social entrepreneurs are ambitious and persistent, they tackle major social issues and are offering new ideas for wide-scale change.”

Social entrepreneurs tend to simultaneously be realistic and visionary. They want to see their ideas put into practice on the widest scale possible to create a positive change in the lives of their target demographic. In this experience you’ll see, listen and explore different stories that are part of the social innovation in the city. How can a restaurant become zero-waste? How would a project for immigrants and refugees be sustainable and make a profit to create jobs in the city? How does a space where local designers work to collaborate and sell their clothes? What do bikes and education in Africa have in common?

Come to be inspired by some of the most interesting places in Barcelona that will change your perspective and perhaps inspire your next big change making idea.
6 reviews  
Cristina C.
January 2019
During my stay in Barcelona, I decided to take the Change Makers tour with Elena as our guide. Despite being in this city for already four months I had the chance to discovers hidden corners literally next to my house. We had the chance to visit businesses and meet people that came in Barcelona for a better life. Through their actions they managed to establish a community here and help others with similar stories. For the first time in my life I realized that stories like these are everywhere near me as at the same time, they will always welcome you to join them for help. I strongly encourage others to join this alternative walk to discover beauty and humanity! Eleanna , Greece, December 2018
Cristina C.
November 2018
This tour opens your eyes to what lies behind first appearances. It was incredible to see how locals establish businesses through which they contribute towards their communities in a sustainable and highly emotional way. This experience has shown me hidden gems in my own neighbourhood, gems that often go by unnoticed in everyday hassles - it has taught me to stop rushing by and explore with a different detail. I am looking forward to sharing my experience with family and friends visiting. Thank you for this eye-opening experience, Elena! Lilian, Germany, December 2018
Cristina C.
November 2018
Our experience was as authentic and insightful as we were hoping for. It felt like hanging out with new friends and learning about a trade and a side of Barcelona I didn’t think I would get to see. If you want to go past the “tour circuit” and do something a bit different this is for you. I should also say our kids (9 and 11) also left with new ideas and insights! Rami.
Cristina C.
July 2018
As being taught the ideology of “sustainability” or “ Social Responsibility” for years, it’s fortunate to see the real business of “ do good for the society” with my own eyes. Different from what we might have learnt or heard in the school or newspaper, what Elena showed me is the basic and ordinary business surrounding my daily life. I got inspired by these shops, people and stories that the doing good is not depend on your scale, your talent or your money, it’s a simple initiative, which could drive you to found a coffee shop, a bike rental store or even a community garden. The tour was not that long, however it refreshed the cognition of mine to the city Barcelona. Heng, China, 07/12/2018
Cristina C.
June 2018
After living for three months in Barcelona, the change makers experience was for me the perfect way to see the city from another perspective and to gain insight in the sometimes unknown but very important initiatives that are organized within the city. What I will remember most is the strong ties within the community and the effort people do in order to make their community a better place to live in. Another wonderful thing was the ability of people to think outside their community with a sustainable focus that benefits the whole world. I highly recommend this experience to travelers that want to learn about less known initiatives that shape the local community! Theo, Belgium, 07/12/2018
Cristina C.
May 2018
I have been in El Born and La Riviera Neighborhoods many times. This time though was different, as Elena made us look at these two neighborhoods with different eyes. I was unaware of the cultural heritage and the interesting social projects that take place in their streets. A bike tour shop that supports education for children in Senegal, a garden in the middle of a plaza that is taken care of by the local neighbours, a restaurant that provides meaningful jobs and trains immigrants, a project that gives a face to the immigrants that make a life in this area and a store that turns discarded materials into backpacks. I feel now more connected to the city and willing to contribute to make it more liveable. José, Venezuela, 07/12/2018
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