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Authenticitys is more than fun, local experiences. We are committed to making the cities we visit and live in, better. We have categorised our impacts into six different categories. We firmly believe that if each person takes action, change can happen! This is why we measure and count how each person that has been in an experience has contributed. How can you make the cities, better?

The Authenticitys impacts
Keeping mind, body, and heart at their optimal state. Through physical activity, healthy food, emotional management, community building, an overall holistic lifestyle.
Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits are transferred to each other. Through cultural interrelations, social conscience, taking risks and having a profound ecosystem knowledge.
Environment and
Our home. Learning, knowing and experiencing the value of our resources. The full lifecycle of materials. Living KM0 and plastic-free lifestyles.
Understanding and dignity for each one. Acquiring new skills, transferring artisanal practices and wisdom. Contribution to society. Meta-cognition and capacity to learn to learn.
Freedom and
Respect for the other. Honoring, accepting and learning from each other, celebrating diversity and embracing everyone of any age, sex, colour, nationality, religion and profession.
Self-confidence and positive reinforcement. Satisfaction of learning by doing and sharing with others. Connecting with inner passion and drive. Bliss.

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