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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Let yourself be guided through the Red Light District of Amsterdam, where your guides will tell you their stories of the time when they lived on the streets and were homeless.
Impact of this experience
This is a unique experience, where you'll gain a different perspective on homelesness.
Your guides will take you around the famous Red Light District of Amsterdam.
By participating, you'll also help support our guides on a financial, emotional, psychological and re-integration level and provide an opportunity for homeless people to find a way out of homelessness.
They are working to promote toleration, inclusion, hard work, second chances and love and you'll be a part of these ideas that make the world a better place.
Thanks to this experience it has been possible to achieve:
Connect people through this experience
Promote local economy initiatives
Invest in the local economy
Support ideas that make the world better
Teach guides new skills
Re-Integrate guides into the labour market
• Time: 1.5h

• Guide: Unique and inspiring guides

• Languages: English

• Frequency: Every Saturday at 14:00

• Good for: Adults, families and professionals

• Participants: 2-20

You'll see Amsterdam from a different perspective and have a walk you'll never forget. You will go round the Red Light District, where your guides will tell you their stories about their lives on the streets. Your guides have overcome so much, they all used to be homeless and most of them used substances.

They have worked so much to overcome their previous situation and now they want to share their stories and knowledge with you.

This experience offers an opportunity to homeless people who have struggled to reintegrate into society and get the chance to be a part of the labour market.

The life these guides have lived has been hard and on this tour you get a chance to visit Amsterdam from their perspective. The complexity and challenges of living life as a homeless person are seldom told, and this tour offers you an opportunity to learn from a person who you might otherwise not ever speak to.

This Amsterdam Underground tour gives your guides the opportunity to make something positive out of the experiences they've had and gives you a chance to learn more about people who are homeless or substance users.
5 reviews  
Cristina C.
October 2018
I read about the tour on a blog. Contacted the company and was taken on a tour hour long tour with Michel. What a eye-opening and jaw dropping tour. It showed me a side of Amsterdam and a person of Amsterdam that I would have never otherwise been introduced to. Thank you for your stories and thank you for the experience Michel. Berlin, Germany
Cristina C.
May 2017
‘’If you book this tour, planning on learning about architecture of the VOC period, go elsewhere. If you book this tour, planning on learning about fellow humans living and surviving on the streets of Amsterdam, you booked the perfect tour! Michel guided us through the downtown area where he used to live as a bum, used to make and bad choices and lived part of his life as an addict. The tour tells about his life, life of fellow clochards, but also of what life was like back when that part of downtown was a no go area’’ Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Lebster .
June 2016
What an informative and interactive way to see the city. We covered all the key features and would recommend Tijs walking tour to anyone visiting Amsterdam. Beautiful city.
Sanjanea D.
June 2016
Tjis is a really cool guy. He was very knowledgeable about the beautiful city and I found him very informative. Would highly recommend going on a city tour with him. Thanks Tjis :-)
Crystal R.
June 2016
Thank you so much to Tiji for the most informative and fun tour of Amsterdam there was no way we would have been able to see so much of Amsterdam if it wasn't for Tiji's walking tour. Thank you so much
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